A Handful Of Helpful Suggestions To Fix A Plugged Toilet

I'm fairly certain that you have confronted yourself at least once with the clogged wc issue. Usually not a lot of us desire to deal with it, therefore on many occasions, it looks like an activity for a handyman. Which is what I did too, to begin with. A handful of times I hired the very best handyman Edinburgh could offer in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, I have taken notice of the handyman, and I have figured out what I need to do if it occurs once again. Thus, in this post I will present some bits of advice.


Use a Plunger

For a start, you should have some safety equipment. And that includes a pair of safety goggles and some plastic, over-the-elbow gloves. The key tool for the project is a plunger. The usual sort of plumbing plunger should do the trick. But for toilets, there exists a special kind of plunger, having an extension of rubber at the end. They're also equipped with a extended handle, rendering them much easier to operate. In the event that you do not have one of those, you should be able to find one in practically any hardware store.

Now, the first stroke-of-plunge must be really delicate. A stronger plunger stroke will result in a severe motion of the clog, forcing air down and then quickly up. And this can bring about an explosion of... whatever is in there, on the whole bathroom. Make sure you keep a good amount of water in the WC while handling the plunger, to generate enough pressure on every stroke. After a couple of delicate strokes, you will be able to insist harder, and after about 5-10 strokes, the toilet drain should unclog.


Use a Plumber's Snake


If perhaps unclogging the toilet wielding just the toilet plunger fails, or if it just does not unblock entirely, the plunger may not be enough. Therefore, another device for this matter would be a plumbing snake. The plumbing snake happens to be a long and adjustable wire with a snagging tip. Place the wc drain snake into the wc drain, and when you sense it had attained the clog, spin it several times to snag it. After that easily take it out.


Disassemble Toilet

Now, the 2 methods I've discussed in a few phrases in this post should put your toilet bowl back to normal without too much work. They work in most cases. Thus, in a scenario like this, you either turn off the water and take off the wc from its ring, and take away the clog manually. And if you are uncertain about it, a good idea is to employ a plumber or handyman to eliminate the situation.

Generally speaking, the reason of a toilet that clogs frequently is an undesirable flush, or a bad wc drain. Therefore, if that's the case it might be for the best to change it out with a brand new one.